E-Booklet of Best Practices (3rd of 3)

Version 3
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Create Date 25th June 2017
Last Updated 24th August 2018

The “E-booklet of Best Practices“ was compiled to provide practical help to all National Contact Points (NCPs) of Horizon 2020 programme Societal Challenge 5 “Climate Action, Environment, Resource Efficiency and Raw Materials“ (SC5). The booklet facilitates and fosters the common knowledge and best practices shared within the member organisations of NCPs CaRE network. The main aim was to create a versatile practical guiding manual, which would identify and openly disseminate good practices of supporting interested researchers and programme applicants within the network.

Explanation about the updates in E-booklet (June 2018 vs. January 2017)
The main changes in 2018 in comparison to the previous "E-booklet" versions are a new section in chapter 7 -  7.5. "Statistical sources for Horizon 2020 SC5 data" (+ a shorter version of this document to be distributed as a handout during information days, available in the "Templates and materials" section), a new leaflet " Horizon 2020 SC5 project proposals need experts. " also in the "Templates and materials" section and tips for proofreading proposals which can be found in chapter 5 (5.6). Other chapters remained in the major part the same, occasionally some minor corrections and additions were made in the text.

In addition, the impact assessment of this "E-booklet" has been carried out via a questionnaire for "new" NCPs ("new" refers to SC5 NCPs who started their work after the launch of the first "E-booklet”).