Brussels Water Innovation Europe 2018 Conference report

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Create Date 6th February 2020
Last Updated 6th February 2020

The objective of this report is to make an overview of the key points aimed in the Water Innovation Europe 2018 conference and to help the SC5 NCPs to get the clues that are going to drive the water stakeholder actions in the next future and their influence over the SC5 Work Programme. The Water Innovation Europe 2018 conference was held in Brussels on 13th-14th June 2018 and brought together all the aspects of the sector: scientists and technology developers, utility representatives, large water users, European and national/ regional policy makers and finance experts. Water Innovation Europe offers an open platform for information gathering and networking among the most influential stakeholders from within and beyond the water sector.

In the Conference, different topics were addressed:

1. A review of projects water related financed under FP7 and H2020: sH2O, Zero Brine, Smart-Plant

2. The next Horizon Europe proposal, the EIC.

3. Water crisis: their nature, causes, consequences…The World Economic Forum’s global Risk 2015 report.

4. Water-Smart Industry: synergies, water-energy nexus, challenges, supporting technologies. The CDP report “Thirsty business: why water is vital to climate action)

5. Water-Smart Cities

6. Structure of PRIMA calls, the PRIMA Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda