Welcome to JPI Urban Europe’s SRIA 2.0 Consultation

What are the urgent challenges in urban transitions/transformations? What are the ‘hardest cases’ in the European urban mission? What and how are they defined by different communities and stakeholders?

JPI Urban Europe needs your help to shape the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda for 2020 and beyond – the ‘SRIA 2.0’. During the implementation of the current agenda, we have learnt a lot on how the transnational European urban innovation ecosystem works. Similar to how the current agenda was co-created, we now need your brains and experiences, reflections and insights to shape the next generation. Find more background information here.

Joining us in this strategy process will give you the opportunity to shape the urban research and innovation agenda for the next five to seven years, helping to define themes, issues, and approaches – in short, to develop the European urban mission! For this purpose, we have set up this public consultation.

In this stage, we also give the floor to city stakeholders to discuss strategic issues with us and other stakeholders. That is why your participation in the consultation will also give you access to the virtual Agora discussion platform.

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University of Malta Seminar on Resilient Economy and Urban Environment

How can urban environments be made more resilient in the context of current environmental and climatic challenges?

This will be the main focus of the half-day seminar that will take place at the University of Malta on 2nd April 2016. The event will bring together policy makers including Members of Parliament and academics from the disciplines of economics and urban planning. A number of foreign and local experts will discuss current economic models and how these can be substituted by a green economy aimed at reducing environmental risks and preventing degradation. The discussion will look at how this new philosophy in urban planning would benefit the economy without eroding the urban quality of life. A full programme can be accessed here. This seminar comes only two weeks after the Sustainable Built Environment Malta B2B brokerage event organised by Europe Enterprise Network (EEN) as part of a 3-day international conference addressing various sustainable construction-related topics