Online mapping of technology centres working on Advanced Technologies for Industry

The European Commission (DG GROW) is mapping Technology Centres active in Advanced Technologies for Industry (ATI) in Europe at The mapping is part of the European Commission’s policy to promote more cooperation between Technology Centres across Europe in coordination with the work on for example Digital Innovation Hubs, the KET4CleanProduction Initiative, the ADMA Initiative, and the PITCCH project.

It target Technology Centres willing to work with SMEs and industry. This mapping includes the available Technology Centres in Europe working on following technologies:

*   Artificial intelligence
*   Security
*   Connectivity
*   AR/VR
*   Big data
*   Blockchain
*   Cloud
*   IoT
*   Mobility technologies and enterprise mobility
*   Robotics
*   Advanced Manufacturing Technologies
*   Micro and nanoelectronics
*   Advanced materials
*   Photonics
*   Nanotechnology
*   Industrial biotechnology
The ATI mapping is an extension of the previous mapping of KETs Technology Centres. However, many relevant Technology Centres are not yet registered in the online mapping and are missing the opportunity to make their centre more visible and accessible.

The criteria for registration are defined on the website ( Technology Centres are defined as public or private organisations carrying out applied research and close-to-market innovation (Technology Readiness Levels TRL 3 to 8, not necessarily the whole range) in Advanced Technologies for Industry.