Transformations to sustainability programme – T2S

The Transformations to Sustainability Programme (T2S) is a research initiative of the International Social Science Council (ISSC),[1] implemented in partnership with members of the Belmont Forum. [2]

The programme supports research to help advance transformations to more sustainable and equitable societies around the globe. It aims at providing a deeper understanding of the processes and impacts of the transformative social change in the context of global environmental change. It facilitates the creation of solutions to the problems of environmental change and sustainability, in the context of social and cultural diversity as well as promotes the use of the best knowledge about social transformations by researchers, educators, policy makers, practitioners, the private sector and citizens. 

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Eurostat publishes Monitoring Report for EU Sustainable Development Strategy

Eurostat, The EU’s statistical office, has published its sixth monitoring report of the EU Sustainable Development Strategy. The report was released on 1 September 2015 and evaluates progress towards the EU SDS objectives, using a set of more than 100 sustainable development indicators, grouped into ten thematic areas. The evaluation considers two periods: the long term, accounting for progress since the year 2000, and the short term, looking at the trends over the last five years. Progress is visually represented through weather symbols, which reflect how favourable or unfavourable the developments have been over those two periods. Thematic chapters provide a detailed assessment of each of the ten themes.

A clearly favourable development has been observed for greenhouse gas emissions (GHG emissions), one of the headline indicators of the ‘climate change and energy’ theme. GHG emissions have steadily decreased in the long run. If this trend continues the EU is likely to surpass its 2020 target to reduce emissions by 20 % compared with 1990 levels.

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