Webinar on the ERA-MIN Joint Call 2017

A webinar on the ERA-MIN Joint Call 2017 will take place on 30th March at 12:00 (Lisbon time) for one hour. The link of the Webinar is: https://videocast.fccn.pt/live/fct/era_min_joint_webinar This Webinar will provide information of the topics and detailed explanations on the submission, evaluation, selection and funding procedures. This Webinar is the virtual place to answer online questions of the applicants.

The H2020 ERA-MIN 2 consortium has open a joint call “Raw materials for the sustainable development and the circular economy” with a total budget of 15 million Euro including EU co-funding. The deadline for the pre-proposals submission is 5th May, 17:00 (CEST). The scope of the call is to support transnational collaborative projects on demand-driven research and innovation on primary and secondary resources of metallic, construction and industrial minerals and substitution of Critical Raw Materials in a circular economy approach. More information of the call is available on: https://www.era-min.eu/call


ERA-MIN 2017 Joint Call on Raw Materials for the Sustainable Development and the Circular Economy is now open

The ERA-MIN 2017 Joint Call on Raw Materials for the Sustainable Development and the Circular Economy is now open from February 1st, 2017. The scope of the Joint Call is needs-driven research on non-energy, non-agricultural raw materials (metallic, construction, and industrial minerals), to foster the sustainable supply, processing, production and consumption of primary and secondary raw materials in a circular economy. Twenty-one public funding organisations from 14 EU/associated countries/regions and 4 non-EU countries participate in this Joint Call for research and innovation transnational collaborative projects. Partners in a transnational consortium will apply for funding from the respective funding organisation of their country/region which participates in the Joint Call. The total budget available for this Call is approximately € 15 million corresponding to the sum of national and regional public committed funds of the participating Funding Organisations and the co-funding of the European Commission. There will be a two-stage submission procedure: pre-proposals and full proposals. The successful proposals will be selected after an international independent centralised peer-review process. The deadline for pre-proposals submission (mandatory) is 5 May 2017, 17:00:00 CEST. To facilitate consortia building, the partner search tool set up by the NCPs CaRE enables partner searches on the ERA-MIN Joint Call topics and sub-topics. For more information on the scope of the Joint Call, the participating funding organisations, countries and regions, the eligibility criteria and the submission, evaluation and funding procedures  please see the ERA-MIN Joint call page.

Raw Materials Week

The 1st edition of “Raw Materials Week” will take place in Brussels from Monday 28 November to Friday 2 December 2016. It will gather a wide range of stakeholders to debate and discuss raw materials policy and initiatives.

The Raw Materials Week is centred around a series of events organised by the European Commission addressing the latest news regarding raw materials in the EU:
•    29 November: “6th EU-US-Japan Trilateral Conference on Critical Raw Materials” (on invitation only)
•    30 November (morning): “Education and training as a vehicle to improve competitiveness and business creation”, a half day event co-organized with the EIT Raw Materials.
•    30 November (afternoon): “Horizon 2020 Brokerage event”
•    1 December: “4th annual High Level Conference of the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on Raw Materials”.

Further details about these events will be published shortly on our website.  Other stakeholders are invited to organise satellite events. If you would like to add your event to the programme, please contact GROW-EIP-RAW-MATERIALS@ec.europa.eu

Horizon 2020 Information Day “Climate Action, Environment, Resource Efficiency & Raw Materials”

Mark your agendas: 14 September 2016, Brussels – Information Day on the 2017 calls for proposals of Horizon 2020’s Societal Challenge 5 “Climate Action, Environment, Resource Efficiency and Raw Materials”.

The European Commission is organising an Information Day to present the following calls for proposals to be launched in autumn 2016:

Continue reading Horizon 2020 Information Day “Climate Action, Environment, Resource Efficiency & Raw Materials”

Study on Data Inventory for a Raw Material System Analysis by the European commission

The study aims to build knowledge and understanding of Europe’s critical raw materials’ flows. Many of these materials are used in everyday applications and are essential for the production of common goods, high-tech products, and emerging innovation.

This study includes a full Material System Analysis for 28 groups of materials used in the economy of the 28 EU countries. The European Commission is committed to ensuring the supply and increasing the availability of raw materials for European industry in the context of the EU Raw Materials Initiative. A comprehensive data inventory of the material flows in industry and society is crucial for providing evidence and information useful in discussions and the decision-making process regarding the supply of raw materials.

Download the full study: https://ec.europa.eu/growth/tools-databases/msa/content/report-summaries

SAVE THE DATE! Third High Level Conference of the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on Raw Materials and Horizon 2020 Brokerage Event on Raw Materials

The 3rd annual High Level Conference of the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on Raw Materials will be held on 9-10 December 2015 in Brussels, together with the Brokerage event on Horizon 2020 raw materials calls.

The annual conference presents a comprehensive overview of developments in the fields covered by the EIP, including successful Raw Materials Commitments; regional approaches and investment in raw materials; and launching the 2nd call for the EIP “Raw Materials Commitments”.

The Horizon 2020 Brokerage event on the 2016 Horizon 2020 calls relevant to Raw Materials will provide networking opportunities for new initiatives and projects.

Programme and Registration will be available soon.

Source : http://ec.europa.eu/growth/tools-databases/newsroom/cf/itemdetail.cfm?item_id=8433&lang=en&tpa_id=1040&title=Third-High-Level-Conference-of-the-European-Innovation-Partnership-%28EIP%29-on-Raw-Materials-and-Horizon-2020-Brokerage-Event-on-Raw-Materials