The Connecting Nature Enterprise Platform


As part of the  Connecting Nature, Horizon 2020 project, the Connecting Nature Enterprise Platform  was set up in October 2020.

This platform aims at connecting demand for nature-based solutions (public and private buyers) with innovative enterprises offering those solutions.

The European Commission defines nature-based solutions as “Solutions that are inspired and supported by nature, which are cost-effective, simultaneously provide environmental, social and economic benefits and help build resilience. Such solutions bring more, and more diverse, nature and natural features and processes into cities, landscapes and seascapes, through locally adapted, resource-efficient and systemic interventions.”

Examples of such solutions range from living roofs and walls, sustainable drainage systems, natural wastewater treatments, constructed wetlands. Following research, their benefits for citizens and the environment have been demonstrated but their economic potential is still to be better understood at a larger scale.

The Connecting Nature Enterprise Platform wants therefore to facilitate the match between supply and demands to support this emerging sector.

Nature-based enterprises (NBEs) are defined as enterprises, engaged in economic activity, that use nature sustainably as a core element of their product/service offering for the planning, delivery and/or stewardship of nature-based solutions. Nature-based enterprises differ from nature-based organisations who deliver nature-based products and services but not as a core economic activity e.g. parks department, conservation charity etc.

Various actors looking for solutions can post their challenges and browse the list of suppliers. Policy-makers can connect with the practitioners, enterprises with financing and other opportunities, and the innovators with those seeking inspiration.

For more information, see all our past articles about nature-based solutions.

Reproduced from NCPs Brussels website with their kind authorization

ThinkNature presents the Nature-based Solutions Handbook

Officially launched at the Bucharest Forum on NBS, the Nature-based Solutions Handbook is one of the most important outcomes of the EU project ThinkNature. Its main objective is to gather and promote state-of-the-art knowledge regarding NBS, comprising a comprehensive guide to all relevant actors. Each aspect of NBS is investigated, from project development to financing and policy making, and is presented in a concise and effective way.

Besides increasing public awarness about NBS, the Handbook contributes to:

  • Expanding knowledge base about effectiveness of NBS;
  • Supporting implementation of NBS through enhancing their replicability and upscaling;
  • Utilising knowledge and experience of stakeholders, and;
  • Proposing a comprehensive methodological approach for innovation.

The Handbook is highly recommended to all stakeholder groups that use NBS in their work, but it can also be useful for other organisations and individuals that comprise potential NBS stakeholders.

Download the document

Nature-Based Solutions: From Innovation to Common Use (NBS2017)

The NBS2017 conference was the flagship conference of the Estonian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. NBS2017 was organised by the Estonian Ministry of the Environment and Tallinn University and it was held on 24 – 26 October 2017 in Tallinn, Estonia. Short video with the main highlights of the conference can be found below:

During three days, over 400 participants from 39 different countries participated with around 50 presentations on nature-based solutions topics.

The conference was divided into five thematic topics:

  • Blue-green infrastructure in smart cities;
  • Integrated water management through natural systems;
  • ICT as a supporting tool for nature-based solutions and ecosystems;
  • Ecological restoration through eco-innovation;
  • NBS in circular economy;

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Overview of calls for cities and communities in Horizon 2020 Societal Challenges

The newly published work programme for Societal Challenges 5 includes several calls for cities and urban development. The focus in the calls is on circular cities, nature-based solutions, health in cities and transforming urban heritage:

  • CE-SC5-03-2018: Demonstrating systemic urban development for circular and regenerative cities. Innovation Action, Budget range 10 MEUR per project
  • SC5-13-2018-2019: Strengthening international cooperation on sustainable urbanisation: nature-based solutions for restoration and rehabilitation of urban ecosystems. Research and Innovation action, budget range: 5 MEUR per project
  • SC5-14-2019: Visionary and integrated solutions to improve well-being and health in cities. Innovation Action, budget range 10 MEUR per project
  • SC5-20-2019: Transforming historic urban areas and/or cultural landscapes into hubs of entrepreneurship and social and cultural integration. Innovation action, budget range: 7-8 MEUR per project

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