CEWASTE Public Consultation Now Open and Auditors Required

The aim of the H2020 funded CEWASTE project is to create, validate and launch a certification scheme for collection, transport and treatment facilities of key types of waste containing significant amounts of valuable and critical raw materials (CRM) such as waste electrical and electronic equipment and batteries.

The public consultation on the draft of the voluntary certification scheme developed by the project is now open. The document CEWASTE Requirements for Improving CRM Recycling from WEEE and Waste Batteries is now available for further comment and feedback.

CEWASTE has developed a set of managerial, environmental, social, traceability and technical requirements and accordingly has established an assurance and verification system and related verification mechanisms. The project has taken stock of the normative requirements defined in existing relevant guidelines and standards in the field of electrical and electronic waste treatment – among others, the CEWASTE document is built on the EN 50625 standard series – only where these are not sufficient to meet all the project’s objectives, have new requirements been developed (with a focus on CRM recovery).

Consultation is open to the public and is on a voluntary basis. The CEWASTE project team invites stakeholders from relevant sectors of the value chain to contribute to the consultation process. The information needed for the stakeholders to decide whether and how to participate in the consultation process are provided in the CEWASTE Terms of Reference.

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