Horizon 2020 aims to exploit the potential of Europe’s talent pool and ensure that the benefits of an innovation-led economy and society are maximized. The NCPs responsible for SC5 are dedicated to make their contribution towards this goal.

Therefore, the overall objective of NCPs CaRE is:

  • to strengthen the transnational network and professional capacities of all – experienced and less-experienced – SC5 NCPs with a view to provide the European research and innovation community with the highest level of support.

The NCPs CaRE consortium together with the Partner Organisations will aim at:

  1. pooling their resources and know-how to raise the quality of services provided to their clients
  2. preparing carefully designed and selected activities for improving the NCPs’ routines
  3. cooperating with important stakeholders from other advice services, policy groups and the EU Commission to work on new issues in Horizon 2020 like new applicant groups, innovation aspects or maximising impacts of projects.

In order to make the achievement of this overall objective measurable, it is broken down into seven specific objectives which are listed below.

The specific objectives of NCPs CaRE are to:

  • Offer relevant partnering opportunities for potential SC5 applicants to help them build interdisciplinary and high quality collaborative projects
  • Deliver joint and complementary activities in cooperation with relevant other networks and initiatives that have a stake in SC5 related purposes
  • Help eco-innovative SMEs grasp Horizon 2020 opportunities
  • Provide potential SC5 applicants and other stakeholders with up-to-date, exhaustive and good-quality information on H2020
  • Help newcomers and less-experienced NCPs rapidly acquire the necessary know-how to deliver adequate NCP services
  • Raise the overall standard and professionalism of SC5 NCP services
  • Ensure effective international cooperation of the NCPs and their clients, in particular with European Neighborhood Policy (ENP) countriesRelates to these specific objectives will be generated several results which will play a key role in the communication and dissemination activities