Good Practices of NCP-EEN Collaboration

A new booklet from NCPs CaRE has just been published. 

The European Commission (EC) aimed for a strong involvement of SMEs in projects funded by the EU framework programmes for research and innovation and has promoted SME participation through various means. The current EU framework programme Horizon 2020 aims at contributing to overcome the crisis and create jobs and growth and hence it is evident that SMEs should benefit greatly from the programme. However, making SMEs aware of the funding opportunities and motivating them to participate in applications to Horizon 2020 calls is not always easy.

National Contact Points (NCPs), who inform and advise applicants on the EU framework programme on a national level, are expected to cater to the needs of all potential beneficiaries including in particular SMEs, in their countries.

The EC has established and is supporting Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) – a network targeting the SMEs specialised in facilitating partnering for business and research and innovation. EEN can also support other actors than SMEs which are its primary focus. It is self-evident that the two networks have the potential to complement each other and hence the EC has been promoting and facilitating a cooperation between NCPs and EEN members.

This booklet aims at presenting good practices and practical advice for NCP-EEN collaboration collected as part of the NCPs CaRE project, the Network of National Contact Points for Horizon 2020 Societal Challenge 5 (SC5).

The recommendations are targeted at

  • NCP newcomers
  • EEN newcomers
  • NCP Coordinators
  • NCP Networks
  • and the European Commission.

You can find the booklet here among our useful guides.