ThinkNature presents the Nature-based Solutions Handbook

Officially launched at the Bucharest Forum on NBS, the Nature-based Solutions Handbook is one of the most important outcomes of the EU project ThinkNature. Its main objective is to gather and promote state-of-the-art knowledge regarding NBS, comprising a comprehensive guide to all relevant actors. Each aspect of NBS is investigated, from project development to financing and policy making, and is presented in a concise and effective way.

Besides increasing public awarness about NBS, the Handbook contributes to:

  • Expanding knowledge base about effectiveness of NBS;
  • Supporting implementation of NBS through enhancing their replicability and upscaling;
  • Utilising knowledge and experience of stakeholders, and;
  • Proposing a comprehensive methodological approach for innovation.

The Handbook is highly recommended to all stakeholder groups that use NBS in their work, but it can also be useful for other organisations and individuals that comprise potential NBS stakeholders.

Download the document