Report on the water sector in China: market opportunities and challenges for European companies

The H2020 project PIANO together with the China Europe Water Platform (CEWP) has recently published a new report providing an overview of the existing market situation of China’s water sector. The report investigates the main issues of water management in China and defines the overall policy framework of “Ecological Civilisation” which is driving a transformation of the Chinese economy to be more environmentally aware and sustainable.

However, China is a large, complex and confusing market to enter and there are many barriers in the way of starting and successfully sustaining a business there. Products need to adapt to the local requirements and companies will need to develop their relationships with partners and clients as well as complying with the local business processes.

The document highlights the main areas of opportunity for EU SMEs, and provides practical information on how to access these opportunities. The overall issues driving the water market and issues facing European companies wanting to enter are considered and then the specific opportunities and challenges in different sectors of agricultural, municipal, industrial, river basin management / flood control and water for energy are considered.

Full report available for download here