Participate in the European Sustainability award!

You have worked on a project or on an initiative addressing the sustainable development goals? Then the European Sustainability award by the European Commission is made for you!

What is it?

The European Commission launched for the first time its European Sustainability award. It is a prestigious recognition that aims at raising awareness of the SDGs in the EU by giving a human face to the efforts and creativity of European people, businesses and organizations, which are turning the global sustainable development goals into concrete solutions and opportunities.

Theme of the competition

The competition will award projects and initiatives that addresses the three dimensions of sustainable development (Environmental, Economic, Social) and comply to 2019 theme: “Empowering people and ensuring inclusiveness and equality”.

Who can participate?

The award is open for participants belonging to:

  • Public bodies
    • subnational legal public entities reaching a population above 100.000 individuals
    • subnational legal public entities reaching a population equal to/under 100.000 individuals Project/initiative
  • Private bodies
    • Micro, small or medium-sized enterprise
    • Large enterprise
  • Civil society/‘Non-profit organisations’
    • Project/initiative taking place inside the European Union
    • Project/initiative taking place outside the European Union
  • Youth organisations

What is the gain?

The award is immaterial and brings high visibility in the form of renewed public interest and increased media coverage in the project.

Deadline for application

The deadline for applications is 14th September 2018.

Does this interest you? Learn more on how to apply following this link.