Call for ENVRIplus beneficiaries and RI-related organizations outside the ENVRIplus partnership

ENVRIplus projects launches an Exchange of Personnel (EoP) program to enhance cross-RI mobility of involved RI staff. This program will help disseminating the know-how of RI specialists and provide practical hands-on experience on the operation procedures.

The second call is now more open which means that in addition to all ENVRIplus beneficiaries also organizations outside the ENVRIplus partnership that have a clear and established relationship with the participating RI’s in ENVRIplus can apply. This now also includes in particular members of Theme2. The second call no longer prefers bi- or trilateral exchanges, thus allows to apply for several kinds of knowledge sharing activities such as boot camps or work hops.

The exchange can take the form of short stays in the RI, organized either on a unilateral (1 RI related person goes to another RI related organisation), bilateral (between two RI related persons), or on trilateral basis (involving 3 RI related institutes and 3 staff persons in total).

The principal activity of the exchanged personnel during his/her stay at the RI should aim at cross-fertilization of ideas and experiences of RI related staff and promote knowledge transfer of new technologies, best practices, protocols, approaches and policies of RIs instead of data acquisition or fundamental research.

Call publication date: February 23, 2017

Proposal deadlines for 2017:

  • March, 31
  • August, 31
  • October, 31
  • December, 31

Deadlines for 2018 will be announced by the end of 2017.

For more details and to read the procedure .