Consultation on JPI Climate’s Revised Strategy

The Joint Programming Initiative ‘Connecting Climate Knowledge for Europe’ (JPI Climate) is currently revising its Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) for years 2016-2025. The revision follows the COP 21 arrangements and aims at addressing the challenge to make the transition from fossil fuels to clean energy, to increase Europe’s climate resilience as well as to provide knowledge base needed in support  for that transition.

The consultation seeks to inform the updating of the SRA and the further steps towards its implementation. To that end, the aim of the consultation is to receive input on potential needs, actions and tools  that could be addressed by JPI Climate to respond to the challenges identified in the revised SRA as well as on how those issues could be tackled in an effective and efficient way. The responses to the consultation will allow JPI Climate to better understand where its actions can have the added values and the greatest impact.

The consultation is open from 8 of February 2016 to 1 of April 2016. The questionnaire can be accessed on the following link:

The consultation is based on the revised SRA, which can be accessed here:

The inputs received will go through a consolidation phase, including further considerations and contributions to be made by the JPI Climate Transdisciplinary Advisory Board. The consolidated inputs will then be brought to the JPI Climate Governing Board for ultimate decisions on the SRA and its implementation.