The Highlights of the SC5 infoday

NCPs CaRE is back from the SC5 infoday and highlights here for you key take-home tips if you missed the event.

NCPs CaRE network presented its services at the Information Day and brokerage event on the Horizon 2020 Work Programme 2018-2020, Challenge “Climate Action, Environment, Resource Efficiency & Raw Materials” – 2018 Calls – that took place on 8 and 9 November 2017 in Brussels.

You could not attend the event? Do not worry: all the recordings from sessions and the power point presentation are now available on the EASME website. We would like to highlight some of the sessions which would be worth looking at ( even if you attended the event).

Are you a newcomer to the Horizon2020? Have a look at the recording of the Newcomer’s session and at the session Proposal preparation: Challenges and successes with many useful tips to address the 3 building blocks for proposal preparation:

  • addressing topic text
  • addressing horizontal aspects
  • bringing together the right partners

Moreover, two H2020 project managers gave some insights from their own experience from proposal writing. Look at the presentations from the ClairCity project and from Cartif​​.

You can also read our useful guides which were distributed at the event and have a look at the “Do’s and Don’t’s for Applicants” document

EASME staff presented the different topics for 2018 in thematic sessions on day 2: do check the presentation of the topics you are interested in to better understand it!

The Information Day also included various sessions dedicated to horizontal issues, valuable also for proposers in other H2020 Work Programmes.

  • Co-design your proposals with end-users and stakeholders can give you extra points so do not forget the session on Co-design : involving end-users and stakeholderin particular the presentations of the City of Vienna about dealing with local authorities and from the TRANSrisk project with useful technics.
  • We receive as NCPs many questions about how to design your workplan for a project, have a look at the dedicated session (recording, power point).
  • Dissemination, exploitation and protecting Intellectual Property Rights are key in a project, because the new SC5 programme is putting much more emphasis on impact so check the dedicated session
  • Open data is now by default in Horizon 2020 to increase impact potential but managing data is not an easy task so you can find more information in the related workshop (recording, power 1, power point 2)
  • Do you know that proposals with international partners have greater chance of success? Check the session on international cooperation (recording, power point) for clear information about the eligibility rules and a new article 14a of the grant agreement facilitating the inclusion of international partners not automatically eligible and not requesting budget.

NCPs CaRE was also very pleased that 5 NCPs from the Neighbourhood countries (Tunisia, Egypt, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Belarus) could take part to the Information Day thanks to its financial support.


Camille Lepinay, Eleana Gabriel