Are you looking for some tips to prepare your Horizon 2020 SC5 project proposal?

Are you looking for effective and practical tips to prepare a project proposal in Horizon 2020  Societal Challenge 5  “Climate Action, Environment, Resource Efficiency and Raw Materials”?

The NCPs CaRE network prepared an interesting material that can guide you in drafting  your project proposal!

Have a look for our new “E-booklet of Best Practices” that you can now download from a section ‘Useful Guides’ at the NCPs CaRE website. In specific, focus on Chapter 8 “Analysis of the Evaluation Summary Report and Results of the questionnaire for evaluators” which highlights:

  • the most common strengths and weaknesses of each of the Horizon 2020 assessment criteria (excellence, impact, implementations), based on the analysis of 100 evaluation summary reports of environmental projects in years 2014-2015,
  • expert evaluators suggestions and observations

The valuable feedback of experts and the results of analysis of evaluation summary reports resulted in a short and practical guide for applicants (“DO’s and DON’Ts for applicants’) also available in the section ‘Useful Guides’ at the NCPs CaRE website.  The document focuses on different evaluations criteria and helps applicants to improve their project proposals, especially with regards to writing the three separate sections of a H2020 proposal, namely Excellence, Impact and Implementation.

Enjoy the lecture!