Pubblished the number of proposals submitted

The EC has recently pubblished on Funding & tender opportunities portal the number of proposals submitted in response of SC5 call.

H2020-SC5-2019-1 (Single Stage):

A total of 16 proposals were submitted in response to this call. The number of proposals for each topic/type of action is shown below:

  • CE-SC5-08-2018-2019-2020: 7
  • SC5-16-2019: 2
  • SC5-21-2019-2020: 1
  • SC5-22-2019: 6
H2020-SC5-2019-2 (Two Stage):
A total of 453 proposals were submitted in response to this call. The number of proposals for each topic/type of action is shown below:
  • CE-SC5-04-2019: 68
  • CE-SC5-07-2018-2019-2020: 106
  • SC5-09-2018-2019: 39
  • SC5-10-2019-2020: 16
  • SC5-13-2018-2019: 64
  • SC5-14-2019: 68
  • SC5-16-2019: 21
  • SC5-20-2019: 71

Twinning Group 7 Athens 2018

Management Meeting, Nicosia

Report on the water sector in China: market opportunities and challenges for European companies

The H2020 project PIANO together with the China Europe Water Platform (CEWP) has recently published a new report providing an overview of the existing market situation of China’s water sector. The report investigates the main issues of water management in China and defines the overall policy framework of “Ecological Civilisation” which is driving a transformation of the Chinese economy to be more environmentally aware and sustainable.

However, China is a large, complex and confusing market to enter and there are many barriers in the way of starting and successfully sustaining a business there. Products need to adapt to the local requirements and companies will need to develop their relationships with partners and clients as well as complying with the local business processes.

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RURITAGE invites rural communities to join the project as Role Models

The European project  RURITAGE has recently launched a call of interest for local actors in rural areas for joining the project as additional Role Models. Candidate Role Models can apply by submitting good practices they have been implementing in their territories. The good practice should demonstrate how the local community relied on its cultural and natural heritage for regenerating its area.

RURITAGE is a European project that aims at demonstrating how cultural and natural heritage can emerge as a driver of sustainable development and competitiveness of rural areas. Additional Role Models selected following the call will have an excellent opportunity to enhance their good practices through the exchange of experiences with other Role Models and RURITAGE experts. Their good practices will be showcased to a broad range of audiences with an interest in rural regeneration. The wide promotion of the RURITAGE Role Models will increase the visibility of their rural area worldwide.

For more information about the RURITAGE project and how to become a Role Model, click here.

Deadline: 31st October 2018

2018 Information Days – calls 2019 – Presentations avaiable

In order to promote the exchange of information and to facilitate networking among potential applicants to 2019 calls for projects in Horizon 2020 Work Programme Societal Challenge 5 “Climate Action, Environment, Resource Efficiency & Raw Materials”, the European Commission organized an event entitled “2018 Information days- call 2019” which took place on September 11th and 12th in Brussels. This website contains all presentations shown during the event, including the plenary session, the materials on the specific priorities of SC5 Work Programme and the relevant 2019 calls as well as materials on how to prepare a good proposal and how Horizon 2020 proposals are evaluated.

The website provides also the possibility to watch video recordings of the different sessions of both days.

3rd Masterclass, Bruxelles

Twinning Prague

Annual Meeting, Berlin

A new IPERION CH call for Transnational Access open

The 7th call for transnational access to IPERION CH laboratories is now open. 

IPERION CH (Integrated Platform for the European Research Infrastructure on Cultural Heritage) is a H2020 project that offers transnational access to its world-class laboratories and knowledge distributed in 11 European countries.

Its main interest area is Heritage Science, a cross-disciplinary domain with the aim of interpretation, documentation, management and preservation of cultural heritage. IPERION CH is part of the ESFRI proposal to establish E-RIHS, the European Research Infrastructure for Heritage Science (

European researchers can submit scientific proposals to have free access to cutting-edge laboratories of the three platforms:

  • ARCHLAB, scientific archives in 10 European museum and conservation institutes,
  • FIXLAB, large-scale facilities for synchrotron, neutron, and ion beam measurements;
  • MOLAB, mobile laboratories performing non invasive on-site measurements.

Deadlines are different for each platforms.

Further information on platforms and call are in the website

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact the Coordination Office (

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